Sermon for August 25, 2019

Baptism, Pastor, Sermons
Gospel: Luke 13:10-17 Our gospel this morning has me thinking about rules. In this text we have another example of Jesus pushing boundaries and breaking the rules of his day. I’m thinking especially of a certain 5-year-old in my house who is starting to push boundaries, and of kids going back to school, maybe relearning the rules, or at least learning what rules will apply to their new classrooms.  Rules are important. We all know that. They are put in place to keep us safe, or to keep others safe. Living by them will often help our lives be more fulfilling and enjoyable, and they typically help the life of the community - of all of us living together - to thrive instead of just survive.  Now I imagine there are some of you who are saying to yourself - yeah, but rules were meant…
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