FOLKS.(Fellowship of Lutheran Kampers) is a Lord of Life ministry and fellowship camping group. We truly enjoy each other’s company and encourage and invite any and all who have an interest in the outdoors to join us. God’s gifts seem to hold a special meaning when they can be shared with family and friends. A meeting is held each fall usually in November to schedule camping trips for the next year. The camping season usually begins in April and ends in September or October depending on the weather.

Join the FOLKS camping group on any or all of the scheduled campouts for 2020.
Some sites have yurts, tent sites, cabins or hotels near by. All are welcome!

Schedule for 2020

Boardman RV Park-April 23rd – 26th- very nice campground close to Tri-Cities- need to reserve January 2nd- please sign up

Sun Lakes near Coulee, City- May 14th to 17th- deposits required & reservations made January 2nd- cabins available– please sign up

Last Resort at Tucannon– June 18th to 21st- nice campground close to Pameroy, WA – sites reserved- please sign up- cabins available

Timberlake near Stevenson, WA- July 16th to 19th- sites reserved- need to confirm in January- close to Skamania Lodge- please sign up

Fidalgo Bay Resort- Anacortes, WA- August 9th to 14th- Five day trip on the Washington Coast- please sign up- need to reserve February 8th- cabins available

Please sign up on the signup sheet in the binder. Call Marlene Morse for more information.