Local Ministries

Local Ministries is the area of Lord of Life that identifies the various needs in the community where our Church and church members can make an impact. It consists of a committee of congregational members who meet several times a year to plan a calendar of community needs and form a plan on how these needs can be met.

Over the past years, the committee has been working and will continue to work on the following projects:

  1. Blessing Bags for unfortunate people in the area
  2. Collection of Eye Glasses and Cell Phones for underprivileged
  3. Box Top Collection for Youth- Boys’ and Girls’ Club in Pasco
  4. Collection of Food Items for the Grace Clinic Food Shelf
  5. December Christmas Tree Collection of Gifts for Salvation Army
  6. Sponsoring and hosting the Second Harvest Mobile Food Bank.
  7. Serving of Lenten Supper at Church during Lent.
  8. Fall School Supplies Collection

The Committee also disperses money to agencies in the Tri Cities that work with the underprivileged such as Second Harvest, Union Gospel Mission, Ken and Teresa’s, Pud, Fire Victims Aid, and other agencies.

The members of our congregation are generous in their volunteering and their monetary giving. If you would like to work, in any way, with Social Concerns, or have any new project ideas, please contact Deacon Heidi.