Sermon from July 16, 2017

Discipleship, Pastor, Sermons
Gospel text: Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 Today we get to hear the Parable of the Sower. This is one of those famous passages from scripture. And it happens to be the first parable in each of the Synoptic Gospels - Matthew, Mark, and Luke. It may have been Jesus’ first parable, but it certainly paves the way for the Gospel writers in telling the parables of Jesus. In the middle of what we read, in the verses we skipped, Jesus explains to the disciples why he uses parables to speak to the people. Jesus says that the crowds have indeed fulfilled the prophecy - if you remember, fulfilling prophecy or what was written in the Old Testament is Matthew’s thing. That prophecy comes from Isaiah and says, “You will indeed listen, but…
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Sermon from June 25, 2017 – PK

Baptism, Discipleship, Pastor, Sermons
There were a number of people who wondered how my sermon might be able to be passed on. I've been thinking about this topic - posting sermons, and how that should be done. I wrestle with posting the written word because the sermon is much more about proclamation - it's about the hearing, and the experience, and even where it takes you while you're listening (yes, some of those tangents in your mind may be the Spirit at work!). I don't think sermons are meant to be scrutinized the way we do the written word, and yet I am reminded over and over that God has given me words to speak, to preach, to proclaim. And I am hearing that there is desire to pass them on, or hear them…
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