Wake Up Team

We are currently engaged in the Wake Up process set forth by LEAD, an organization seeking to grow leaders in the church, especially at the non-pastoral or lay level. The Wake Up process is an effort to more fully align our own lives and the congregation’s life with God’s mission.

The team has six members who meet at least monthly, and usually more like every 3 weeks, to engage in the process for discerning purpose and identity for our congregation. They use spiritual practices, Bible study, faithful discernment, and strategic thinking. The goals are to discern Core Beliefs (what we believe as Lutheran Christians), Core Convictions (things unique or emphasized especially at Lord of Life), and Core Practices (how we live out our beliefs and convictions). In the end our congregation will have a purpose statement, an elevator speech of sorts to say quickly who we are at Lord of Life. But the process and conversations to get there are the most valuable part.

They have had regular updates in the newsletter, and you can find those all here. If you have questions for the Wake Up Team, please contact Pastor Kirsten and she will get you in touch with the team.

They need your input! In October 2019, the congregation was invited to reflect on questions to help the Core Belief discernment: What is one thing that is important to you about what we believe as Lutherans? Why is this meaningful to you?  In January 2020, small group conversations with team members will help discernment in Core Beliefs, Convictions, and Practices.

July 7, 2019- Wake Up Team Meeting

Wake Up As a result of the recent Newsletter article on Wake-Up we have heard a lot of questions. “Why do we need this process if we have a mission statement, Guiding Principles; if we just went through an extensive         self-assessment as part of the call process and of course -we have the Holy Bible to guide us –isn’t that enough?” These are great questions and the documents mentioned are all useful -and in the case of the Bible –essential to who we are as a Christian community –but what could be very useful to us is to look carefully at our activities, listen carefully to what we say is important and craft a statement that says:

  • Who we are,
  • what we do and
  • why we do it.

This will help us clearly communicate to others what our purpose is -why did God bring these people together at this time and place, and what are the opportunities for us to meet the needs of the people in the congregation and in the community. We want to answer the question “If we disappeared tomorrow what would the neighborhood and world miss?” If the answer is “not much” –I think we will be disappointed and I don’t believe we are being all that we can be.

As we start this process we are excited by observations we have keyed on that go beyond our core activities of worship and faith formation: 1000 quilts made and nearly 200 wheel chair ramps built for those in need. Home to a preschool that provides Christian education; a place where home schoolers can gather to support each other, a place where Cub Scouts can gather to learn valuable lessons, meals provided to hungry seniors, mission trips to walk with others locally, nationally and internationally. These are just examples –the list could go on and on. How do we capture this in a statement that helps us focus on our strengths, helps us look to the future and continue to be Christ’s hands, feet and voice in the world? We are just getting started -we hope to share some questions with the whole congregation soon and to meet with small groups and others in the fall as we gather information to fuel this process. If you have questions be sure to ask one of us –

The Wake Up Team

Bob Bryce

Lydia Minnick

Ken Tesch

Meredith Stavenger

Ana Arias

Pastor Kirsten