Pasco Latino Lutheran Ministry


The Pasco Latino Lutheran Ministry conducts classes at

First Lutheran Church, 530 W Bonneville St, Pasco

in English as a Second Language; Citizenship in English or Spanish; Spanish as a Second Language; and Homework Help each Monday, beginning at 6:00 pm.  For more information, contact Donna Kary at 947-4419 or Diane Eayrs-Mendoza at 987-3316.

There is a Bible Study each Sunday at 4:00 – 5:30 pm at the home of Sergio and Wendy Castaneda, 6104 Bayview Ln., Pasco.  For directions or for more information, call Sergio at 851-4390.


Pasco Latino Lutheran Ministry  by Sergio Castaneda  January 2017

The Ministry continues with many volunteers.  The former lay “Mission Developers” Diane Mendoza and Donna Kary coordinate ESL, Spanish & Citizen classes offered through the ministry.  Past volunteer Sergio Castaneda stepped into the position of mission developer October 2016.  Part of Sergio’s role is to oversee the existing Educational and Social Ministries, collaborate with ELCA congregations, organize and lead non traditional worship gatherings, support and engage new an existing leaders, develop a faith community organizing principals.

Weekly Classes by the numbers Fall 2016:

Spanish as Second Language: 6

English as a second language level 1&2: 17

English Citizenship Class: 4

Spanish Citizenship Class: 16

Elementary homework & Craft: 2-5 children

Nursery: 3 children


Yakima Office of US Citizenship and Immigration Services staff came twice to give a presentation and answer questions.  One third of the people in attendance were not regular students, but came to hear about the process, immigration services, ask questions and inquire about the classes offered through out ministry.  42 perspective citizens attended  and 36 came last fall.  Around 12 volunteers help each Monday and 4 others came to help with registration and testing with English levels.  3 ELCA churches are represented among the volunteers plus three of the regulars that come from other churches.



Mission Developer Sergio Castañeda went to a couple trainings.  One of those was in Austin Texas at Lutheran Seminary Program of the Southwest June 12-17.   The focus for that training was on building congregational capacity in Hispanic Ministry or ‘Mision En Comunidad”   Upon his return Sergio shared what he learned with the synod wide Latino Ministry group in the areas of Community Approach,  Oppressive Systems, Foundational Principals for Latino Ministry, studying in community, ideas and suggestions for local outreach.  Sergio was also invited to participate Mission Developers Part 1 Training in Newark, New Jersey. At this training Sergio learned more about ways to reach out to the Latino community, goals, action plans, Latino Ministry Models.


Community Wide Collaboration: We have continued to be involved in the social and civic life of people in the ministry through different organizations, community and state wide events.  We worked with Latino Civic Alliance to bring folks to Olympia, Washington for the annual Latino Legislative Day.  It was a great day to help our citizenship students know where our capital is located and how to advocate for themselves.  We also worked with Latino Civic Alliance to hold a Community Visioning Project for Pasco.  The effort through this was to improve relations between law enforcement and the community,  to motivate people to know more about their city, invite people to participate on advisory boards, improve access to education, mental and physical health, get familiar with judicial process, economic development, participate in leadership development and educational training that focuses  on solution based practices.  In addition, we had a Financial Management Training for people in the ministry and their relatives.


Themed Community Worship and Dinner was celebrated during the summer.  The held a monthly get together each time focused on Prayer, Baptism and  Bible reading.  We gathered for worship and a short introduction into the three themes and opened it up for sharing.  Sergio with the help of Helga and Pastor Phyllis lead the conversation and prayer.  Volunteers Linda, Julian and his wife Mireya lead us in Worship.  We followed the service with a shared meal.


Vacation Bible School was held August 15-19 for both adult and children.  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!!! Vacation Bible School was lead by our brave volunteer Alice from Kennewick First Lutheran…THANK YOU!!!!! The children and the adults had a lot of fun and ate some super yummy food, especially Sergio’s homemade adobada street tacos.   Thank you to all those who volunteered to make this event a success.  We are looking forward towards sending some of the teens that attended to Lutheran Summer Camp this coming 2017.


WELCA SYNOD Meeting was held at Lord Of Life October 7-8.  We had the opportunity to present to those in attendance about our ministry and how each of us is serving city wide, and our roles within the ministry.  One of our volunteers and member of Pasco First Lutheran Church taught the women in attendance how to make an authentic Mexican meal.


Sergio was hired in October to serve part time as mission developer for Pasco Latino Lutheran Ministry.  He started an adult bible study in November whose focus is to learn more about who Jesus was.  Sergio is leading the group through the book of Mathew and learning about Jesus as Savior and King.  Bible Study is Sundays at 4:00-5:30ish with dinner sometime in between.  All are welcomed to attend. (Please see attachment).


Thanksgiving Meal.  Helga with the help of 3 of the Latino volunteers taught Latinos a class on thanksgiving on how to prepare a proper meal on Thanksgiving.  The meal they prepared was later served to 40 people, adults and children.  Prior to the meal we worshiped together, shared about the meaning of thanksgiving both from an Anglo and a Latino perspective and were lead by volunteer worship leader Julian, a Nicaraguan born immigrant now living in Pasco.


We ended the year with a potluck celebration and presentations of certificates to students.  Please see below for pictures of our teachers and students. We also gave homemade gifts for our volunteers.

Posadas were canceled this year due to the winter storms that hit Tricities.  We look forward towards celebrating this coming 2017 in collaboration with surrounding churches.

Thank you all who gave your love and commitment is a testament to Gods will being done here on earth.