Faith Formation

Faith Formation is a vibrant space of learning between our worship time, where all ages come together to continue our faith formation as disciples of Jesus Christ. Often this is based from our lectionary readings used in worship on Sunday mornings. When Lord of Life built Grace Place, its purpose was for education with our congregation and the greater community. Grace Place is often full and used in ways we did not dream of in the planning. After completion we noticed a need for a change in how we approached Sunday School. We kept parts that were working quite well for our church but decided to focus on the meaningfulness of the Bible in our lives, the lifelong formation of the faithful, how the lectionary is relevant in our lives today and various needs of our congregation to be spiritually fed. These are bold steps! We decided to change the language from Sunday School to Faith Formation because we feel this more accurately reflects what we are doing on a Sunday morning at this time. We recognize that faith formation happen inside and outside of this time. It is in fact our life long call.

Our Faith Formation hour is fluid on purpose. It allows ownership of the classes by the participants. As a staff we work hard to offer classes that are relevant to the lectionary each Sunday while bringing in new and fresh ideas.

Fall Offerings



Faith Formation

Here is the schedule for Sunday morning classes for the rest of the year:

December 9 and 16

By Heart (or Lutheran 101) – Pastor Kirsten will finish up her study of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.  It isn’t too late to join in.

Faith Lens – Mark Heeter leads youth and adults as they explore a current even and connect it to the scripture we hear in worship.

Pop Up Choir Practice – See the newsletter article on page 4

Block Printing – After a short time of preparation for the Epiphany service, attendees will carve their own block for Christmas cards and gift tags.  This craft is for adults and older children.

Epiphany Service Preparation – All who want to be involved in our worship service on Epiphany Sunday, January 6 will begin preparations.  Adults are included!

Beginning Bible – Aleya will continue to teach a class for our preschool aged children in the nursery.

December 23 and 30

No Classes.  Watch next week for a list of classes starting on January 6.  Lots of new offerings!