Welcome to Lord of Life
Lutheran Church!

At this time, we are closed (in-person) due to the threat of COVID-19. All of our worship and other resources have moved online. See our Facebook Page for videos and updates. The building is closed. Our full-time staff continue to carry out many responsibilities in much different capacities. If you need to contact one of them, you can do that through email, found here.

Come worship with us!

  • Upcoming worship schedule:
  • Feb 17 (ASH WEDNESDAY) – Drive-In Church @ 5:30pm with Communion
  • Feb 21 – LoL Live on Zoom @ 10am 
  • Feb 28 – LoL worship video (Annual Meeting at 11:30am on Zoom!)
  • Mar 7 – LoL Live on Zoom @ 10am
  • Mar 14 – LoL Worship Video, Fellowship at 10am
    • Drive-In Church @ 3pm
  • Mar 21 – LoL Live on Zoom @ 10am

Click here to join our live Zoom worship!

Our Zoom worship is usually live streamed on our Facebook Page, so you can also watch there on Zoom weekends. If you need the Zoom meeting number/passcode, you can find it through our weekly emails (subscribe below!) or follow the link posted weekly on our Facebook Page (see sidebar).

More information can often be found in our weekly emails (sign up below) or on Facebook.


640 Columbia Center Blvd.
Kennewick, WA 99336

Phone: (509) 783-5222

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E-mail: office@thelordoflife.org
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